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The Vermont Archaeological Society is volunteer-run and member-driven. That means we rely upon your financial support to fund our activities. We’re currently asking for your support to fund C-14 dating of samples collected during previous VAS excavations to inform research reports on these collections. We are also in need of funds to support the proper conservation of these collections as we prepare them for donation to the state’s repository. You can assist us by shopping our merchandise or making a tax-deductible donation:


Support the VAS by purchasing VAS-branded merchandise such as coffee mugs and t-shirts! All proceeds are used to fund VAS activities such as our annual meeting, educational opportunities, special events, and collection conservation.

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Give us a helping hand with our efforts to educate the public about Vermont’s past while protecting its archaeological resources. We are currently running a special campaign to help fund our new Vermont Archaeology Student Research Grant. Your tax-deductible donation will support our programming, as well as contribute to developing new opportunities, such as offering Project Archaeology workshops for K-12 teachers and supporting archaeological research within the state.

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