Vermont Archaeological Society at Work at Warren FallsFormed in 1968, The Vermont Archaeological Society (VAS) is a volunteer organization comprised of professional and avocational archaeologists and the interested public. The Society is committed to raising the awareness of Vermont’s past, while also protecting its valuable cultural resources from injury and exploitation.

VAS embraces the interests of prehistoric, historic, underwater, and industrial archaeology. Its membership is comprised of people with interests in all of these fields. It supports archaeology in the state in many ways, and functions as a forum for information exchange between professionals and avocationals. Ultimately, it is committed to educating the public about the cultural heritage of the state of Vermont.

Events & Meetings

The VAS hosts a wide range of exciting activities each year. The Society sponsors an annual meeting, which brings together guest lecturers for the presentation of reports and papers relating to a broad spectrum of topics pertaining to archaeology in Vermont and beyond. The meetings also serve as an opportunity for members and non-members to gather for social and professional communication, and to conduct the society’s business.


Pottery Vermont Archaeological SocietyThe VAS publishes an eNewsletter, which serves as a vehicle to update the membership on the Society’s activities and on information pertaining to local archaeological or historical projects or events. The eNewsletter is available to anyone who wishes to subscribe.

In order to encourage and perpetuate archaeological scholarship on Vermont, the VAS also publishes an annual journal of collected scholarly papers, entitled The Journal of Vermont Archaeology which now available online for free.  Please join the Vermont Archaeological Society or consider becoming a contributor!


Download the VAS bylaws, last revised in 2023.